As part of the project work plan, all partners were set to organise a pilot training on multi-stakeholder cooperation and partnerships in their own organisational language (English, French, Italian, Portuguese or Croatian) to the people they work with and who have interest in lifelong guidance.

They had the opportunity to choose two modules out of 7 modules developed earlier in 2021:

  • MODULE A | Developing and formalising new partnerships
  • MODULE B | Administrative and financial monitoring
  • MODULE C | Coordinating, managing and leading the partnership
  • MODULE D | Developing partners’ competences in multi partnership
  • MODULE E | Evaluating implemented measures and activities
  • MODULE F | Monitoring relevant national and local policies and reforms
  • MODULE G | Ensuring communication and representation activities

The Keep In Pact training is organised to be a hybrid training which can take place fully online as well as in face-to-face. Some materials of the courses are available online but live group sessions are planned so that training participants can discuss and work together on job-based exercises, thus setting a good mix between interaction, knowledge-sharing and self-paced learning sessions.

The pilot training was following the organisation of the 1st “training for the trainers” event which took place in June-July 2021 over three days (online). The training modules’ content and format initially developed were improved thanks to the feedback of participants. The pilot trainings were addressed to any individuals with a beginner level in the field of lifelong guidance and who had a professional link to the partner organisations and interest in the modules.

The Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP), one of the partners in the project, organised its pilot training in two sessions in November 2021. LLLP invited its member to attend and 15 participants in total joined the sessions. The modules chosen for the sessions were “MODULE C | Coordinating, managing and leading the partnership” and “MODULE E | Evaluating implemented measures and activities”. The training sessions were very successful and received good feedback from participants. They particularly enjoyed using the SWOT analysis tool as a basis to discuss what to improve in existing and potential partnerships, focusing on their own organisation strengths and opportunities as well as finding solutions to answer potential threats and opportunities in their field.

The 3rd and final Keep in Pact training is taking place in January 2022. It will be again a training for the trainers, this time addressed to very experienced professionals in the field of lifelong guidance (over 5 years of experience). More information will be shared soon.