The procedure for the non-formal validation of multi-partnership management skills of the participants requires the active use of the e-learning platform. The validation of their skills is based on a combination of subjective criteria (self-assessments) and objective criteria (some indicators of the learning activities), both set on the e-learning platform.

Subjective criteria: includes self-assessment of multi-partnership management competences. Participants were instructed to conduct a self-assessment before and after the specific training activities in each learning module. They actually have had to fill out short online questionnaires, in order to become aware of the level or degree of their own experience, development or possession of various knowledge or skills, which are needed to be successful in the multi-partnership management jobs (position or function). Based on these estimates they were able to compare their own overall and specific competence profile before and after the training.

Objective criteria: includes information about participants’ activities on the e-learning platform. They have used different learning materials in various training modules intended for the acquisition of knowledge and skills for certain competences. Some of these learning activities were necessary (compulsory) for the validation of skills and for issuing the non-formal certification of their multi-partnership management competences.

Certificate of validation

It should be noted in advance that this certificate was intended for non-formal skill certification. This type of certificate should be understood as a confirmation or recognition, rather than as any formal certificate or diploma attesting to the completion of a formal education or study program. This certificate proves that the participants have conducted a self-evaluation of all seven key competences, and that they have actively used the e-learning platform in all seven modules, which are designed to improve the knowledge and skills required for success in performing the multi-partnership managers’ duties and tasks. The certificate is automatically generated from the e-learning platform if the participants meet the subjective and objective criteria described above. Otherwise, they will be redirected to perform certain activities on the e-learning platform, to fulfill all criteria needed for the issuance of their certificate.