Part of the main objectives of  KEEP IN PACT project is to provide practitioners with a community to support the development of their knowledge, ideas, and skills.

Launched in October 2020, a group of practitioners was formed of professionals working within the Cité des métiers International Network which missions are mainly, but not solely, to develop, coordinate and facilitate multi-partnerships. Therefore, we find various titles among participants, from Communication officer, to Partnership manager for the Entrepreneurship field or Head of office. At the RICDM one of our core value is peer learning; this is why RICDM is being the group facilitator.

The group met every two month to share hot news, key barriers and challenges, as well as opportunities and successes. Throughout the process, tools and methods are being shared. In the way of a human bookstore, a theme is proposed because it raises difficulties, technical questions, or because a small or big innovation has brought success and it could inspire others. One or two members of the group who have experiences to share on the subject propose to lead the next meeting. They will explain the activity carried out or the tool implemented by underlining its strengths but also its potential weaknesses or points of attention to keep in mind. In this way, the other participants can ask questions to help them make the experience their own. Particular attention is being paid to the transferability of the experience and its possible adaptation to a local context.

Topics such as the valorisation of a partnership, the respect of the GDPR standards or the stimulation of inter-partner links in the case of multiple partnerships were discussed.

For this last point, the CDM of Porto presented the interest of gamification in speed networking between different partners. They collaborate with the same structures, but they do not always know each other well or are not necessarily up to date with each other’s activities. The game time allowed better inter-knowledge exchanges and the development of several partnerships between the participants (whether they were short or long-term ones). The members of CDM were trained in facilitation by a provider. They were able to share a process, their advice and points of attention with the group members.

The group is also getting involved in some of KEEP IN PACT productions such as participation in the training of trainers, give feedback on training activities for new colleagues dealing with partnerships, or providing testimonies and field examples of practices for a Guide for multi-partnership cooperation. This Guide will gather strategic and operational recommendations based on the results and conclusions of the project activities (training, case studies, debates, etc.). It aims at serving as a support in the daily life of the partnership officers and to accompany new colleagues in their work.

Want to know more? Keep an eye on our publications. We will tell you more in a few weeks!