The Repository of skills is one of the main outcomes of the Keep In Pact project. In creating it, the partners started from a general definition of the multi-partnership manager’s job (position or function):

"Partnership manager develops, promotes and leads multi-stakeholder partnership cooperation in public service of career guidance and counselling."

It could be said that this Repository of skills actually represents the competence framework of multi-partnership managers, presented in a form of a table. It basically offers two descriptions:

  1. A job description, and
  2. A description of the person who successfully performs that job.

Firstly, it offers an overview of the seven key areas of his/her work (which we consider as key competences):

  1. Developing and formalising new partnerships
  2. Administrative and financial monitoring
  3. Coordinating, managing and leading the partnership
  4. Developing partners’ competences in multi-partnership
  5. Evaluating implemented measures and activities
  6. Monitoring relevant national and local policies and reforms
  7. Ensuring communication and representation activities

Within those seven key activities (competences) of multi-partnership manager, different but interrelated work tasks and activities (sub-competences) are precisely defined.

Secondly, in the Repository of skills the necessary requirements in terms of clusters of knowledge, skills and predispositions/individual characteristics of a competent multi-partnership cooperation manager are specified within each competence.

This framework can in principle be used for two basic purposes: in the recruitment of new employees for multi-partnership managers position or function, and as a basis for their professional development. In this project, we focused on the second stated purpose. Therefore, within each of the listed key competences, we first defined the learning outcomes, which then serves as the basis for the development of learning materials and training activities supported by an online training platform.

The project partners hope that it will be helpful in developing the necessary knowledge and skills of guidance practitioners working in cooperation, but also useful in raising awareness of the indispensable predispositions and individual characteristics of the competent multi-partnership cooperation manager.